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Silhouette Front PicSilhouettes DC provides silhouette artist-entertainers for parties and events in the Washington, DC metro area. Marie Cheek is the owner and principal artist and has been cutting silhouettes since 1995. Silhouettes DC has several very fine silhouette artists available for weddings, showers, corporate events, convention booths, trade shows, birthday parties, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, school events, high school and college graduation parties, and even individual silhouettes of your family members.

We most often cut silhouettes at weddings, holiday parties, and 'historic' events (such as Gunston Hall for Mother's Day or a Dumbarton Oaks private event). Silhouettes are a wonderful remembrance of any event. Many people see the artists working and remember having their own silhouettes cut as children. We constantly hear stories about family trips to DisneyWorld where Mom insisted that all of the children have their silhouettes made by the artists at the park. Most people say that their parents still have their silhouettes hanging somewhere in their homes.

Silhouettes have been around for hundreds of years. They were an inexpensive and quickly made novelty in the days before photography. Sitters only had to hold still for a couple of minutes, while oil portraits took many hours of tiresome modeling to complete. Many of the oldest surviving silhouettes are very tiny with exquisite detailing. Silhouettes DC tries to continue in that tradition of small size and accuracy of detail so that each silhouette is a miniature shadow portrait of the model. Silhouettes DC is part of Caricature Artists Group.


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